How to choose the best swimwear for your toddler boy

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How to choose the best swimwear for your toddler boy  

If you’re looking for toddler boy swimwear, you’ll know there are plenty of options out there for boys aged one to three years. So how do you know which trunks, swimsuits or vests will keep your toddler comfortable and safe while they swim, play and enjoy the beach day after day? This guide will give you all the advice you need. 

What do toddler boys need from their swimwear?  

As your little boy grows from a baby into a toddler, they’ll start to explore and move more independently. This means they need swimwear that will keep up with them. They’re not quite all grown up yet though, which means they still need some extra support to keep them safe and happy all day long. 

Comfortable fit 

As they jump, splash and have fun, your little boy needs to be able to move freely and comfortably. Look for swimwear that’s made from soft, stretchy materials which won’t irritate your little one’s skin and allow them to bend and stretch. It’s also important to avoid any swimwear or trunks that have a loose, rough inner mesh, as these will irritate your toddler’s skin as they move or swim. 

If your toddler gets to try on a swimsuit, make sure they can stretch, turn, bend and sit in it easily without any restrictions. If you’re buying online, then double-check the measurements and, if in doubt, choose the option with a bit of extra room to make sure your little one has the space to move, even if they go through a sudden growth spurt. 

Freedom to move

Whatever stage of toilet training you’re at, your toddler is likely to need a nappy as they play and swim. So finding a swimsuit or pair of trunks that have no mesh and extra room in the bottom will give them complete coverage, help to keep the nappy securely in place and allow your little one to move freely while staying protected.

The design of swimsuits or trunks should also give your toddler complete freedom to move. For example, choosing trunks with a slightly looser fit and an adjustable drawstring at the waist will mean your little one can adjust the fit even as they grow. Plus, finding swimwear made from quick-dry, breathable materials means moisture doesn’t hang around and make your toddler feel uncomfortable as they move. 

Skin protection

Your toddler’s skin is delicate, which means it can easily become irritated by harsh substances like chlorine, saltwater and UV rays. Choosing swimwear made from materials that block out damaging sun rays, are quick-dry, breathable and soft will keep your toddler’s skin comfortable all day long. 

Cool style

As your little one grows, they’ll no doubt make their likes, dislikes and sense of style known. So if you want your toddler to wear their trunks for more than one season, finding an option that’s simple but still stylish is likely to last longer than any swimwear with particular patterns, branding or characters. 

What are the swimwear options for toddler boys?

Whether your toddler boy wants complete comfort and freedom of movement or to protect their delicate skin from the sun and other nasties, there are toddler boy swimsuits out there to suit your needs. For a more grown-up look with extra support, toddler boy swim trunks are a great option. As cool and comfortable by the side of the pool as they are in it, their loose fit means your little one can jump, sit and swim happily hour after hour. 

Alternatively, if you want to give your little one extra protection, particularly if you’re heading out into the sea for some bodyboarding or other sports, then a toddler boy swim vest will protect against any seawater or sun. With long sleeves, extra room in the bottom and a flexible fit, it will let your little one play safely without restricting any of their movement. 

What to look for in toddler boys’ swimwear

When you’re looking for toddler boy swimsuits, the key priority is keeping your little one comfortable and safe while they play. At Apini, we understand that. That’s why we design all of our little boys’ swimwear with these priorities in mind. Our one-piece rash guards are perfect for younger toddlers who need extra protection from chlorine, sea and sun. Made from buttery-soft, UV protective materials, they’ll give your little one both coverage and comfort.  

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Similarly, our boys’ swim trunks are made and lined with breathable, quick-dry materials that will keep your little one moving happily for hours. With more room in the bottom for a nappy and a drawstring waistband, they’ll keep your toddler secure as they swim and play. Plus, with a range of chic designs to choose from, you’ll be sure to find a set of swimwear that will keep your toddler boy happy and protected all day long. 

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