How does children's UV swimwear work?

How does children's UV swimwear work?   

The beach is the ideal playground for any little one. Whether they’re making sandcastles, swimming or enjoying an ice cream, you want them to make the most of every moment. This has often meant covering them in sunscreen every couple of hours to make sure their skin is protected. 

Now, UV swimwear is giving children’s skin an extra layer of protection, so parents don’t need to worry so much about their little one getting sunburnt in the water or as they play. This article will explain how this swimwear works and what the benefits are for children and parents. 

What is UV protection swimwear? 

Although you might be heading on holiday to top up your tan, the ultraviolet (UV) rays that you’re looking for can cause real damage to anyone’s skin if they’re exposed to bright sunshine for too long. This is particularly the case for children, whose skin is much thinner and more delicate than that of adults. 

Previously, to avoid skin damage such as sunburn or freckles, the only option has been to cover a little one in sunscreen. This included replacing it after they’d been swimming or playing for a while. To give children extra protection and help parents enjoy beach days too, UV swimwear was developed. 

Unlike standard costumes, trunks or suits, UV swimwear is made from protective materials that absorb sun rays and prevent them from getting to the skin. Fit to suit children’s bodies, these swimsuits cover as much of their skin as possible. This means parents don’t need to worry so much about reapplying or accidentally missing parts of their children’s skin with the sunscreen. Offering hour after hour of protection, UV swimwear allows both parents and children to enjoy the seaside to its fullest. 

What should you look for in UV swimwear? 

There are three elements that work together in UV swimwear to protect children from UV rays; material, fit and quality. Checking these elements will help you to find UV swimwear that keeps your little one perfectly protected.


The material of UV swimwear is key to its protective qualities. As well as having an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) number, which indicates how much protection the material offers, UV swimwear should be made from dense, tightly woven fabrics that will keep harmful rays at bay.

The best materials will block out UV by as much as 98% while being quick-dry and comfortable to wear. Some will also provide resistance against chlorine and saltwater, giving your child’s skin extra protection from harsh elements. 


As well as being made from the best quality fabric, swimsuits need to be designed and fit well to keep a child protected from the sun’s rays. Long sleeves, special linings and a close fit will all help to cover as much of a child’s body as possible. The design of the swimwear should also help your little boy or girl stay comfortable as they play and explore on the beach, so checking the fit before you buy is key. 


Alongside CE standard quality markers, checking the swimwear’s UPF number will also help you know how much protection a swimsuit will offer. For example, materials with a UPF of 50 will allow only 1/50th of UV rays through to the skin, meaning they’re highly protective. Indeed, a UPF of 50 or more is recommended for children’s swimwear. 

The quality of the swimwear’s finishes and details is just as important. Loose threads, running dyes and inconsistent stitching are a few quality red flags to look out for.

Why should you invest in UV swimwear? 

For keeping your little one safe and comfortable on the beach, UV swimwear is a worthwhile investment for a range of reasons, including: 

  • Reliable sun protection: designed for children’s bodies with high-quality materials, UV swimwear protects their skin as much as sunscreen with the added advantage of staying in place as they swim and play. 
  • Seaside comfort: made to fit little ones and keep them comfortable as they move. This may include extra space for nappies, secure and easy fastenings and quick-dry fabrics. Some swimwear also includes extra features to help them have fun safely, such as the long sleeves on rash guards.
  • Super-cool styles: just because they help them stay safe doesn’t mean UV swimwear can’t be fun and stylish too. Now available in a range of colours and prints, you’ll be sure to find UV swimwear that will express your little one’s personality and keep them protected. 

Trust Apini to keep your little one safe

At Apini, we design swimwear with children’s shapes, comfort and personality in mind. With all of our products made from UPF 50+, we have a range of styles and designs that will give babies, boys and girls optimum comfort and protection. 

Made from buttery-soft, quick-dry fabric, our swimwear is also shaped to keep your little one covered as they move and play. This means when you buy Apini swimwear, you can trust that your child will stay protected and comfortable on the beach hour after hour.